Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Too good to be true

It’s fall….

It’s been a month here and I thought I could start over, but after I came to here, I realized there’s no…..starting over.

No matter where I go or whatever I do, my past seems to follow me.
I wanted to stop apologizing for my past for long time ago.…
There’s not really worked, that does not actually make me happy.

Life is not like what I’m expecting (I knew it was too good to be true), I get frustrating, emo~ing….For no reason!

I’m frazzled!!!!!

I start to have doubt on myself, lost my confident, and directions.
I feel guilty and sorry to my family, I scared I couldn’t get ahead for what they expecting and wants.

I’m worrying….

I know I shouldn’t think of that, there’s no way for me to look back but I can’t deny my paths have been complicated, I hope there’s something will make everything simple.

What can I do for now is trying to convince myself to look forward, no matter what I'm doing now, it is WORTH, and NO REGRETS!!! I don’t want to end up my life here like shit!!!

Friends, if u sees this blog, I really, truly, madly, badly need u guys/girls supports. Don’t get mad that I still have this kind of negative thinking. Give me some time….Wish me luck!!!!


  1. i support u..wholeheartedly..hehe..gambate..^^
    (from wei ling)

  2. everyone has their own difficulty of life...
    i 100% understand your situation and the stress there.. because when im studying i told my friends, said im so stress on study, i scare i cannot graduate and how im going to face my parents.. but they dont understand my situation and said that, study wont have stress like working.. said that when im come out to work i will understand. that time i dont have any support from them.. but comes to study, my parents didnt give me pressure.. they told me its ok, dont stress up yourselve. just do what you can. dont compete with anyone. do your profession is the most important. you know what is your strength is.
    example, doctor knows how to cure patient, but lawyer doesnt know. when the topic comes to law, then doctor will diam diam only..
    even engineers also got many, got mechanical, electrical, computer engineer, civil engineer who build road, bridge and building, so, do what your line/target, and ppl wont look down on you.
    People use to think negative way, i also always think negative way. but the negative also turn to be positive when the things come to you. sometimes its not so bad as what you thought of negative. see out of the box, look wisely, relax yourselve.
    look behind and you will see us supporting you and of course your family also ^^
    good luck~

  3. Thanks lou po, u're the best!!!!!

  4. Dear, i sure will stand on your side, please dun give up yourself. Ya, you are very tough in current way, but no matter how, after u go through u gain what a gold experience, no pain no gain...
    i will catch u up soon , trust urself , u are not alone.....