Monday, November 22, 2010

Specially to.....

It’s been 2 months here; my life is full of questions,

I don’t know what I want and what I need it the most.

The lifestyle at here is dull… nothing special,

Going to school, doing homework, walking back home, cook dinner and so on,

Weekends is even worst, lay on bed, listen to the music, watch movies, blah blah blah

And I don’t have any intention to open my books to study, where can I find my “study mood”?!Damn it!!!

Sometimes, I’m wondering by the time I back to Malaysia, will I have any memory at here???!!!

Until yesterday… ~~

Yesterday it was a quite interesting day to me…

I had a great night and nice chat with my buddies, and this had light up the night became…SPECIAL

We didn’t chat much; most of it was just a nonsense joke while we were waiting for our Mr. Seow installing the software.

And I have no chance to tell u guys that I’m searching for a part time job,and yesterday I went for an interviewed.

It was a quick interviewed, took only around 5 minute for asking few questions, how long I have been in Japan, where I’m from…… I’m not sure will I get the job or not because the person said my Japanese is “muzukashi” (I think should be meant difficult to understand”).

But the person did note down my name and contact number; I hope he will call me. I hope I can get the job because I wish this job can make my life become BUSIER~…. Now, I’m facing a problem, worrying that I could not understand what the person tells me. I’m stepping out the 1st step and trying my best d so I wish that person can understand that too. Hopefully~~

At least yesterday the group chat can let me stopped thinking about the worries for temporarily. I’m gladded that you guys was there yesterday, really…

Suddenly I realized that what Liang’s said was right; everyone is facing their own problem, stress and pressure at there. But they were still with me on the line. Thanks a lot.

I'm sorry I lied to u guys that i didn't print screen :P.... I will look forward to another video group chat again~~ And will ask wei ling , Alicia and Chee yan to join in~


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