Sunday, April 22, 2012

My First Meditation Experience Sharing

Here are few things that I think it's interesting during the meditation retreat:

1. "Mind Your Mind", but firstly I think I have to figure out the way how to overcome the pain of my back and my leg.

2. The sister said, during the meditation, you have to concentrate on your breath, if your mind is running away, catch it back and settle it down!
Hmmm.... so it goes like this:

Eunys VS. Mind

Result: Eunys *Knocked Down!* Ding*Ding*Ding*

so the result is very obvious! LOL

3. Walking meditation is my favourite part cause I can open and look around but when you are really really concentrate on your breath, your move will become slowly, super slowly, super duper slowly............. and suddenly i have a feel, I wasn't look like a meditation leaner, I more like a psycho patient at the retreat centre ( Is my own fault,of course, maybe I should blame on my white T-shirt)

Well, Big failure! I'm a bad beginner learner and it wasn't that simple like what I seen in "Eat Pray Love" but it definitely was a very nice experience for me~ Anyway, going to learn it again if there's any chance!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Relationship Sexuality Marriage

After watched a movie called “Eat Pray Love”, is about a women try to “find herself” across the 3 countries, Italy, India and Indonesia, I’m so impress the life and journey of Julia Roberts in the movie. Believing there’s more to life than other things, finding herself new appetites in her life with good foods, meditation and of course true love. The movie really grabs my heart and it will make you start having relationship with foods as well, (Say Hello to your muffin top.)

Talking about eat pray love; recently the topic between me and my buddies is all about “Relationship Sexuality Marriage”. I can’t deny I have a strong desire to get into a relationship recently but the problem is, from where I can get a right man?

For a relationship, the friends from different countries have their own different saying. One of them told me, “If you want to keep your relationship for last longer; first of all, you have to f**k your man.” *sign**, and another friend said, “for getting a rich man to be your boyfriend, you need to make yourself become a bitch! Bitches always cheat those jerks, and good girls always get cheated by jerks.”

Hmmm…Nice saying…LOL… I know they’re out of their mind, but who cares, I love them…ha-ha…

If girls want to have a relationship or marriage, what kind of men are their idealist boyfriends or husband? Should search for a good guy? Or maybe a bad guy sounds not bad?

For me, there are no differences between a good guy and a bad guy and you know why? Just a very simple answers, because a bad guy screw you and a good guy screw you too.

For all the former single girls out there, guess what! Just try to imagine what will happen after you said “I do”? Will it going to be a happy ending or a disaster?

In my opinion, for a relationship, it is ok if a man has lots of love but less “bread” [richness], but for marriage I think everyone prefer “bread” more than love. I know it sounds realities, but I thought this is how the world looks like, isn’t it?

Anyway, I’m not decide to have a marriage in my future, too much of responsibilities need to carry and you have to work on some sparkles non-stop in marriage to keep it “fresh”. I think I need lots of air to breathe, life for two is too crowded, so love but less “bread”, hmm... sounds romantic and adventure…ha-ha… But, love and bread if both have it, then it will be perfect!

Monday, December 6, 2010

No arms, No legs, No worries!

After I watched the video on YouTube, I looked at myself; I’m awake and feel so ashamed. He was an extraordinary man with no arms and legs.

What makes him extraordinary?

Nick Vujicic, an incredible man of god and testimony of all the young people. From life without limbs with life without limits, he gave hope around the globe and me. Nick Vujicic has proved that’s nothing is impossible, everyone has their own value in life.

"Is a lie to think that you are not good enough."
"Is a lie to think that you are not worth anything."

I always have doubt to the things that I do; I always think that I’m not good enough, and I always think that I’m nothing.

Am I lying myself as well?

After a lot of frustration, I think is time for me to get start over. I need to adapt the new life and situation and try to stop struggled with depression and loneliness. I guess sometimes I have to let things go so there’s a room for better things to come into my life.

Like what Nick’s said, we go through to the storm of the life and we don’t know how long the storm gonna be. Although I’m not sure if I can make it or not but I want to smile much and face the storm bravely just like what Nick’s did! And I know is not going to move on until I accept what happened. But I have to. I don’t want to wish it, I WANT to do it! I don’t want to believe in doomed. I want to change it for my own good.

I want to believe that “I’m gorgeous just the way I am” as well.

Besides, I look up to Nick and respect him for telling everyone his life story, believe in god, never give up and give courage to all the people to face their life bravely. He is the coolest person ever. I adore you, Nick Vujicic, and may god bless you~

Here are the video, hope it will help to find your courage in your life too.