Sunday, April 22, 2012

My First Meditation Experience Sharing

Here are few things that I think it's interesting during the meditation retreat:

1. "Mind Your Mind", but firstly I think I have to figure out the way how to overcome the pain of my back and my leg.

2. The sister said, during the meditation, you have to concentrate on your breath, if your mind is running away, catch it back and settle it down!
Hmmm.... so it goes like this:

Eunys VS. Mind

Result: Eunys *Knocked Down!* Ding*Ding*Ding*

so the result is very obvious! LOL

3. Walking meditation is my favourite part cause I can open and look around but when you are really really concentrate on your breath, your move will become slowly, super slowly, super duper slowly............. and suddenly i have a feel, I wasn't look like a meditation leaner, I more like a psycho patient at the retreat centre ( Is my own fault,of course, maybe I should blame on my white T-shirt)

Well, Big failure! I'm a bad beginner learner and it wasn't that simple like what I seen in "Eat Pray Love" but it definitely was a very nice experience for me~ Anyway, going to learn it again if there's any chance!


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